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The collection of work showcased here is a drop in my large bucket of published clips. Let me know if you can't find relevant examples. Happy to send more links.
I'm also open to doing a paid test to show my capabilities if I don't have niche-specific examples to share.

A paid test is not a full-length exercise. It involves at the most two steps in the writing process. I’ll create a rough outline of a topic (with context) you'll provide so you or your team can see if we're a good fit. I’ll also explain concisely my strategy if you need a writer with SEO chops.
My preferred niches:
→  Sustainable marketing
→  Blog content writing
→  Sustainability​​​​​​​
→  Healthy lifestyle
→  Sleep hacks
→  Eye care / blue light
→  Productivity
→  Mental health
Sustainable marketing
 The difference between sustainable marketing and green marketing. (Akepa)
  D2C marketing in business defined with examples. (Akepa)
  4 B2B sustainability marketing campaigns setting the standard for responsible corporate behavior. (Akepa)
  4 sustainability marketing examples that remain etched in people’s minds. (Akepa)
  3 sustainable fashion marketing campaigns to shift mindsets. (Akepa)
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  What sustainability means, definitions and the complexity surrounding the ambiguous term. (Akepa)
  The difference between scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions, with quick definitions, examples and why companies should care. Plus, a quick peek at the 4th emerging scope. (Akepa)
  The overlap between ESG and sustainability, the murkiness of sustainable business with well-needed optimism. (Akepa)
  The difference between CSR and ESG, their usefulness and some noteworthy examples. (Akepa)
Ghostwritten pieces are showcased in Google Docs and altered to respect my client's privacy.
  Optimized blog articles for a global NGO that inform diverse stakeholders through the systems change journey. (Inbound Marketing Agency)
  A comprehensive profile (4000+ words) exploring the INFJ personality type. (Self-development Business)
  Three articles that offer entrepreneurs tips to stay healthy while running a business. (Business Educator)
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Positive feedback from the content manager of a ghostwriting client.

My blog content benefits a sustainable marketing agency.​​​​​​​
Healthy lifestyle
Blue light 101
→ Research shows how blue light blocking glasses improve sleep. (Swanwick)
Productivity hacks
 Tips to help entrepreneurs with kids create work-life balance. (Swanwick)
  10 productivity tips to help you boost your efficiency. (Swanwick)
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Turn fleeting visitors into forever fans.
Sleep hacks
​​​​​​​→ Ways to improve sleep, productivity and wellbeing(Swanwick)
→ Dr Chelsie Rohrscheib’s non-negotiable rules for better sleep. (Swanwick)
 Sleep and productivity hacks to help boost your health. (Swanwick)
  10 Tips for a healthy mind and body. (Swanwick)
  5 Lifestyle tips to embrace all that is good this holiday season. (Swanwick)
  3 ways that can help you optimize your health and business. (Swanwick)
  Self-care tips to help entrepreneurs manage a busy lifestyle. (ThriveGlobal)
  Morning habits to sprinkle your day with joy and rhythm (Medium)
  8 pillars of holistic wellness and why it matters (Medium)
  Medication safety tips. (Page 3 in 2018 Mental Health California Magazine)
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Mental health
  Free online summit about healing chronic stress and disease. (Swanwick)
  Health and mental wellness tips and reminders. (Page 3 in 2017 Mental Health California Magazine)
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Not convinced? I'll show you my capabilities.
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