Hi, I'm Celesté Polley.
I write blog content for humans first and then search engines to attract the right people, and to save you a ton of time and frustration.
But, turning fleeting visitors into forever fans isn't random.
I'm here to help you tell your story with a regular cadence of useful articles that reflect on-page SEO best practices.
Optimised content gives search engines information about your website and explains the value your business offers.
Want to read my work?
You're tired of run-of-the-mill content, aren't you? 
Then, pull up a chair alongside this real one. My content is meant to sound like a person and not a stick-up-the-bum robot.
I create, execute and maintain a sustainable content strategy with impactful and original blog content to help you grow your brand.
Read a few LinkedIn posts below for more insight into my work ethic.
Want to engage your ideal fans more often?
On a personal note.
I'm a homebody who likes to cosy up with my loved ones for the most part.
When I'm not writing, I'm reading, playing the piano and computer games, drawing, rewatching Friends, and savouring all the yummy food.
But I'm also a wild Earthling searching for adventure and fun. Like bowling, visiting nature parks, daring 4x4 trails, and wandering mountains with other adrenalin-chasing people.
I'm also a photographer and graphic designer mostly for myself, but I do occasionally work on meaningful projects when I have capacity. I dabble in videography as well.
(Enjoy some photos and videos for fun)

Some moments on safari in Kruger National Park. Filmed and edited by me.

Jurassic Park is one of my favourite movies so I learned to play the theme song on piano.

Me bowling a strike.

Me playing Beat Saber on VR.

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