Frequently asked questions
How will I receive my content?
I will write the blog content in Google Docs and share the file via Google Drive or your preferred communication app: Slack, Asana, Basecamp, email, etc. (except WhatsApp)

When will I receive my blog content?
You will receive your content during work hours from Monday to Friday at a date agreed in advance. The timeline usually depends on factors like the brief, availability and responsiveness. Typically, you can expect a turnaround time of around 5 workdays for an article of 1000 words that requires in-depth topic research, subject matter expertise, and optimisation.

What is your rate?
My rate depends on the required research and your or your team's input. We can build a package tailored to your content goals. If you need a regular cadence of articles, we'll discuss the scope and agree to a monthly fixed fee. Check out my services and pricing guide.

How do you manage multiple clients?
I use Asana to track multiple client projects while establishing a routine, batching tasks, and streamlining my workflow with templates and automation. I also keep an open line of communication to manage expectations.

Can you write a quick 500-word blog?
Writing a blog article of any length is not a quick job. My process involves learning about you, your business and your ideal audience, studying your brand style and voice, knowing the purpose of each blog article, doing in-depth topic research, searching SEO keywords (if required), proofreading and editing the content, linking to reputable sources to build authority, and working together on revisions to ensure the content is exactly what you want. I'd love to write valuable blog content for you. But if you need your content today, Upwork or Fiverr might be your best bet.

What are your payment options?
Wise is my go-to but Payoneer is a good option too. PayPal is not preferred but it's an option.

Do you know the difference between American and British English?
Yes. I can adapt between grammar structures.

What's the next step?
We can jump on a quick introduction call (or chat via email) to discuss the scope and fixed fee. If we're a good fit, I'll send you a written agreement to review. We'll discuss the written brief after I receive a signed copy. Then, I'll familiarise myself with brand guidelines and resources, and get to work.
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