Inspire the right people to connect with your brand.
I'm here to help you generate business with people-focused blog content that reflects on-page SEO best practices.
What is your blog content hassle?
  You need original, useful and relevant blog content that resonates.
  You need folks to understand the value your brand offers.
  You have limited time to maximise reach and impact.
I can help you...

  Attract your ideal fans.
  Increase newsletter signups.
  Inform and engage your readers.
  Create a recognisable brand.
  Develop a positive reputation.​​
→  Generate business.
Am I the writer for you?

  You need me to create the content you want.
  You need subject matter expertise.
→  You want a regular cadence of useful articles.
  You want to grow and make a real impact.
Then I'm the one.​​​​​​​
Let's attract the right people with the right content.
Take a load off.
Here's how my usual content writing process goes.
  We'll talk through your content strategy.
  I'll get to know your brand voice and style.
 ​​​​​​​ I'll take a people-first approach.
  I'll also dive into my on-page SEO toolkit.
  ​​​​​​​I'll create an outline that you'll review.
 ​​​​​​​ I'll tailor content to your buyer's journey.
 ​​​​​​​ Then, we'll collaborate on revisions.
Is it a worthwhile investment?
We can build a package tailored to your content strategy and budget.
It's a joint effort.
​​​​​​​Business ethics will guide us when we make key decisions. Here's what I value.
Lack of communication is like Thai green curry without garlic — wishy-washy, lacklustre, uninspired... I’m responsive through email, video, or your preferred collaboration app (not WhatsApp) to keep the project in high spirits.
I like to be super clear about the terms of our collaboration. Assigning realistic deadlines in advance and being upfront (because life sometimes happens) will help keep the project on track.
I’m open to thoughtful written feedback and willing to adjust as needed so you’re happy with the final result. This may include revising the project scope, adapting my writing style, and considering the budget... just talk to me.
My work is about more than just getting paid and moving on. I aim to build a lasting connection once we’ve established a mutually beneficial working relationship. I don't mind offering more than what is expected when our core values align.
Got more questions?
"Celeste creates useful and entertaining blog articles that are mindful of SEO.  Several of the articles are now among the top-visited articles on our site. We like that she writes with eccentricity and humour, and the articles are never dull. Celeste does seem to show genuine appreciation for sustainability and related topics, so is writing with experience, which is becoming more valuable in the age of identikit AI."

Michael Wilkins, Co-founder @ Akepa
"Celeste is such a wonderful and authentic person to work with. She has a unique writing style - friendly, witty and refreshing. Her attention to detail, creative eye, unique perspective, and flexible style make her an amazing content writer. She's a great team player, always up for new challenges and opportunities to grow personally and professionally."

Bianca Toia, Former Content Manager @ Swanwick
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