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Akepa - The Sustainable Agency
A sustainable marketing agency that helps broad-minded brands grow and thrive benefits from my SEO blog content writing.​​​​​​​
Main Category: Sustainable Marketing
Service: SEO Blog Content Writing
Date: October 2021 - Ongoing
​​​​​​​I write people-focused blog content that explores sustainable marketing topics to attract folks embracing sustainability—with a focus on making the content functional and accessible to improve organic traffic, generate engagement, and convert ideal fans more often.
I conduct extensive research using trusted sources such as case studies, official institutions, academic papers and credible magazines to craft valuable blog articles for Akepa’s readers.
Then, I create a solid outline for each piece to streamline the flow of content and intersperse relevant keywords strategically to increase organic traffic for search queries while considering the entire blog content writing process.
​​​​​​​Many of the blog articles attract sustainability-minded businesses to my client’s website. Some content pieces rank as top pages on Akepa’s blog and on Google’s first page for focus keywords. Meaning, Akepa's website is more likely to get clicks.
Search engines favour accurate, comprehensive, helpful, trustworthy and original content.
Providing consistently valuable content helps Akepa:
→ Boost brand awareness.
→ Drive more sustainable traffic.
→ Establish thought leadership.
→ Gain competitive advantage.
→ Attract the right people.
→ Generate quality leads.
→ Build trust and credibility.
→ Keep marketing costs low.
Example 1: Informational blog article defining ethics washing with examples.
Ranks on Google’s first page for multiple keywords and continuously earns Google featured snippets. 
This means Google considers the content well-structured, unique and useful, Akepa’s website is more likely to get organic clicks and convert the right people more often.
Example 2: Informational blog article defining fractional CMO services.
Ranks on Google’s first page for multiple high-difficulty keywords. 
In other words, Google favours the content above competitors.
Example 3: Informational blog article exploring sustainable fashion marketing examples.
Ranks on Google’s first page for multiple high-difficulty keywords. 
This means Google sees the blog content as a valuable resource.
"Celeste creates useful and entertaining blog articles that are mindful of SEO. Several of the articles are now among the top-visited articles on our site. For example, the post on ESG vs CSR is one of our top 5 blogs by traffic, so far in 2023. We like that she writes with eccentricity and humour, and the articles are never dull. Celeste does seem to show genuine appreciation for sustainability and related topics, so is writing with experience, which is becoming more valuable in the age of identikit AI."
Michael Wilkins, Co-founder @ Akepa
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