A displeased cat sitting next to a big no entry sign to not hire Celeste Polley as a content writer
→  You want a free sample
→  You want to negotiate my rates
→  You need your content written yesterday
→  You expect me to solve all your business issues
→  You won’t consider my process
→  You expect additional support for free
→  You need content that goes against my values
You want a free sample
It's simple. Working for free doesn't pay my bills. If you want to see examples of my work, check out my collection of client work. If you need help finding what you're looking for, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
Someone holding a cardboard with written word "volunteers needed" to show Celeste Polley doesn't give free samples.
You want to negotiate my rates
If you want the cheapest rate at the fastest turnaround time, I'm not the writer for you. 
Valuable content is not just another expense in your business, it's an investment. I write meticulously researched content pieces using effective industry tools. Quality content can't be produced in an hour for a few cents a word. 
I also don't match my rate with other writers – if their rate is so great, why aren’t you hiring them?
You need your content written yesterday
When I'm rushed, I can't put in the effort needed to refine my work before I deliver the first draft. Rushing the content process delivers subpar results, and it'll affect both of us. 
My content writing process involves:
→  Learning about you, your business and your target audience
→  Getting to know your brand style
→  Knowing the purpose of each content piece
→  Doing in-depth topic research
→  Searching SEO keywords
→  Proofreading and editing the content
→  Linking to reputable sources to build authority
→  Working together on revisions to ensure the content is exactly what you need
The words "Work in Progress" written on a window to show there's a content writing process involved.
You expect me to solve all your business issues
Even quality content can’t transform your business. Other aspects also play a role in the success of your business goals.

Reasons why content alone might not work:
→  Your website has unresolved issues
→  You haven't specified your brand voice
→  You haven't figured out your target market
→  Your product is unacceptable
→  You haven't earned your customers' trust
→  Previous customers are unhappy
You won’t consider my process
It’s crucial to know that expectations will come from both of us. The only way to effectively manage expectations is if we respect each other’s process.

My process involves the following:
→  We’ll hop on a quick call to determine if we’re a good fit.
→  If we’re both keen to work together, I’ll email an agreement to be signed.
→  I expect a 50% deposit for once-off projects and new clients.
→  I’ll need you to fill in a worksheet to clarify your brand voice, unique selling points and audience.
→  Then, we'll discuss a written brief so I can get to work.
You expect additional support for free
As mentioned before, I don’t work for free. 
If you need extra guidance or services, such as supporting your clients or peers, I’m happy to quote you for my time. If it involves advice outside my expertise, you will need to hire a qualified business consultant.
A wooden "No Entry" sign hung on a wooden fence to show that Celeste Polley don't work for free.

Photo by Suradej Ji

You need content that goes against my values
As a wellness and sustainability content writer, I stay away from some specialist and off-brand topics, as well as unethical requests.

These include:
→  Religion
→  Gambling
→  Anything finance
→  Harmful products and services
→  Cruelty and exploitation
If you like what you see so far, you might also like to check out some client work and download my content brief template to get started.
Still think we can work together?

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