To help you forge a connection with your readers.

A curious and witty content writer specialising in mental wellness, healthy lifestyle and sustainability. I explore, create, organise, analyse, and sprinkle content with brand personality at the core.

Think Quality over Quantity.

  • This article confirms my innate wit coming out to play.
  • This article reveals a neutral tone highlighting a scientific study.
  • This article shows I can write a content-rich post (15-minute read).
  • This article published on pages 51-52 in Mental Health California Magazine demonstrates my willingness to share personal stories.
  • This article verifies my advocacy for mental wellness.

Bianca Toia, Former Content Manager at Swanwick

“Celeste is such a wonderful and authentic person, it’s a real pleasure to work with her! As a content writer, Celeste has a unique style – friendly, witty and refreshing. Her attention to detail, creative eye, unique perspective, and flexible style make Celeste an amazing content creator. She’s a great team player, always up for a new challenge and opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I’m so happy to have her on my team!”

I create consistent, valuable, unique and shareable written content.
  • Well-researched content based on reader intent
  • Backlinks to reputable sources to gain or maintain authority
  • SEO best practices to improve search engine rankings
  • Catchy headlines to inspire shares and clicks
  • We’ll have an informal chat to get to know each other
  • Together, we’ll adapt and sign a written agreement
  • You will pay a deposit to make it official
  • Together, we’ll create a brief outline and I’ll get to work

Tell me everything about your brand and project.

4 Blog Articles

1500 words max.

30-minute strategy call
Email support from Monday to Friday
Subject research
4 SEO-focused articles
4 revisions

4 Blog Articles

1500 words max.

30-minute strategy call
Email support from Monday to Friday
Customer + content + subject research
SEO Keyword research
Content plan
4 SEO-focused articles
Complimentary freely-usable images
WordPress formatting + scheduling
Unlimited Revisions

4 Blog Articles

1500 words max.

30-minute strategy call
Email support from Monday to Friday
Content + subject research
Complimentary freely-usable images
4 SEO-focused articles
12 revisions

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As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I’m keenly aware of other people’s pain points and their emotional needs. According to Highly Sensitive Refuge, empaths have a unique perspective and a strong sense of self-awareness.

How does this relate to the craft of a wellness content writer?

Empathy is used to build accurate buyer personas.

In other words, I use emotional intelligence (EI) as a tool to offer thorough analyses and impactful feedback on consumer needs. To that effect, EI gives me the ability to forge an emotional connection with your audience and therefore help you form brand loyalty.

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Workplace relationships
  • Make better decisions
  • Resolve conflict with a more sensitive approach
  • Stay cool as a cucumber under pressure
  • Listen, reflect, and respond well to constructive criticism

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