What is your biggest blog content hassle?
→  Generating engaging blog content
You need original, useful and relevant blog content that resonates with your target audience.​​​​​​​
→  Delivering your promised benefits
You need your audience to understand and appreciate the value of your brand to ensure you continue to deliver on promises.
→  Executing a robust blog content strategy
You have limited time to research, outline, write and polish blog content that can maximise reach and impact.
If any of the above answered the question
Are you an ethical brand looking to strike a balance between mindful messaging and marketing brilliance? I can help you create accurate, consistent and original blog pieces without the fluff. 
To get started on your project, we'll need to discuss your blog content strategy.
The more details you give about your content goals, the better I'll write valuable articles that can build brand trust and engage your readers. Talking to your audience isn't about sharing your passion for sleep or infatuation with snacks. 
People want to know what you can do for them. 
I take ideas and bring them to your audience's eyeballs (with your help) and get real results for your business. 
And while you're here (repositions glasses on nose for dramatic flair), we'll need to align our values before the crafting of your eye-popping content ensues.
Essential core values
Business ethics guide people when making decisions and solving problems.
→  Setting clear expectations
→  Communicating regularly
→  Being flexible
→  Understanding your audience
→  Delivering consistent high-quality content
→  Providing value above and beyond
You should know
Writing an article of any length is not a quick job. My process involves:
→  Learning about your business and your ideal audience.
→  Getting to know your brand style.
→  Knowing the purpose of every content piece.
→  Doing in-depth topic research.
→  Searching SEO keywords.
→  Proofreading and editing the content.
→  Linking to reputable sources to build authority.
→  Working together on revisions to get the needed results.
Some other things to keep in mind:
→  A freelance contract helps to build trust and manage expectations.
→  A thorough written brief is better than banana pancakes.
→  I don’t accept 20-minute voice notes as feedback.
→  I thrive in strong remote work cultures that foster mutual respect.
→  A 50% deposit is required for once-off projects and new clients.
→  I reward long-term clients who settle invoices on time.
→  I'm married to Google Drive.
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